Life in Watercolor

Life in Watercolor

I started drawing, painting and creating in evenings after the munchkins went to bed to carve out a little extra sacred space for myself, and eventually I opened my Etsy shop to expand my reach.
— Rosemary Stanley

Rosemary is a mother, developer, artist, and musician. After having her 2nd child and struggling with postpartum depression, it became apparent that she needed a creative outlet to cope with the stresses of being a working parent.

During the day, she works as a software developer so at night, she began creating art with watercolors and lettering to exercise her creativity as an alternative to her day job and relieve stress and anxiety.

She started sharing her work on social media, and quickly picked up a following. With others' interest, Rosemary set up an online shop! This spring she even began selling her work at Peddler's Paradise, a local craft store.

Rosemary enjoys this side project as a way to share art with others, spread positive and empowering messages as well as give back to charities all through her products. A great side project in creativity and getting involved in the small business craft space.